Suikogaiden 1 Translators
Chapter 1 - rin_uzuki
Chapter 2 - rin_uzuki (previously Pelto)
Chapter 3 - rin_uzuki (previously Sage)
Chapter 4 - Niahak

Suikogaiden 1 Translation-checkers

Suikogaiden 2 Translators
Chapter 3 - Kestrel

David Holmes

*E denotes those who are proofreading the English script. J is for those comparing the original Japanese script and the English translation for errors.

Much thanks to our top proofreaders!!
Daniel (E)
Sage (EJ)
Niahak (EJ)
Dksu (E)
Drasis (E)
SierraLatkje (E)

Felara (EJ)
Gabriel (E)
jainsafel (EJ)
Joe_Blast (E)
Julian (E)
Late for Tea (E)
Mazus (E)
Mashimero (E)
Mercredi (E)
Shouryuushi (J)
SolidSnake916 (E)
Tantei (E)
Watari (E)

Fuepepe - heading the Wiki transfer project along with Rufas! Thank you so much to both of you!!!
Raww Le Klueze - Head of the image team! Also a grand J proof-reader and fact-checker.
Zeeth Sardon -future game tester
Late for Tea - future patcher ("inserter")
Celest - team motivator
BML - future game tester (and possible graphic designer)
Darthzack - future game tester
Kestrel - project promoter
KissingChaos - volunteered website space for the project. May yet be used! XD
Oyabun - team motivator
rin_uzuki - website designer, team coordinator, etc. (that'd be me!)

Special Thanks
to Shu Xion, for ripping Suikogaiden 1 & 2 for this project!

I may have accidently left some people out while re-writing this list. If you feel that you were left out, or if you'd like to volunteer your services, just drop me a line by sending me an e-mail [[email protected]] or pop by the Forums.