I thought a links section might be somewhat useful, so here goes.

Ramsus-kun scanslations Ramsus-kun scanslations
Ramsus-kun is my scanslation site, which the whole Suikogaiden Translation Project is an off-shoot of. <3 If you're a Suikoden fan, I've got plenty of Suikoden doujinshi scanslations as well as the Suikoden 5 Anthology and 4Koma manga. And if you're interested in other projects, I've certainly got them too, huhuhu. Feel free to pop by, though.
Suikoden Underground Suikoden Underground
Suikoden Underground is Shu's website--if he hadn't been kind enough to rip his copies of Suikogaiden 1 & 2 for us, this project wouldn't even exist. :3 Unfortunately Suikoden Underground was shut down and is no longer alive...