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Huh. I get the feeling this page is badly organized. Damn tables. This is my big effort at reorginizing this haphazard and jumbled section of Ramsus-kun, so you think I could come up with something a little more attractive than a bloody table... urgh. Well, enjoy it for what it is, I guess. I'm adding things slowly, so don't be too surprised if things start changing right before your eyes...!

[Assorted Links to Various Places]

Go here! My chum's scanslation links site Escape To The Sky
Escape To The Sky is a grand scanslations links website. Like Manganews, only better coz this joints bein' run by the Oyabun of all Kobe-ian yakuza! Oyabun has abandoned it, but it's still worth a visit. For nostalgia's sake!
BLiss (get it? BoysLove, lol) BLiss
Scanslating yaoi & shonen-ai for all the yaoi fangirls out there.
And, of course, Freewebs. Hosting Ramsus-kun for free. I love them too. For free. Freewebs
Freewebs, of course! I could never forget Freewebs. This program (Ramsus-kun) was made possible thanks to veiwers... hosters like Freewebs. Thanks for your continued support.
my image hosting service. I love them XD ImageShack
Like Freewebs, only hosting all the pictures on Ramsus-kun. ImageShack is very dear to my heart.
Link to me! <3
Feel free to link back to Ramsus-kun with this banner. If you do, maybe drop me an e-mail, so I can see your site too! (what a friendly place this is) Julia made this super cute banner for me (though I drew the art) since I still haven't managed to make one of my own.. she's just so creative!! go visit her newly made site, also hosted on Freewebs, called Beetle Beetle! It's got the most adorable art. XD Huhu. *oozes*
Beetle Beetle
As mentioned above, an art website made by my friend who's got the most adorable style. Go check it out, although I think she's pretty much given up on updating it. =__=
Evil Empire Evil Empire
I believe Evil Empire is hosting some of Ramsus-kun's scanslations. I've never actually gone there and downloaded them myself (why would I re-download my projects? lol) but they may serve as some sort of mirror site should Ramsus-kun spontaneously combust. :3 Thanks, Evil Empire!
Kokoro no Fansubs Kokoro no Fansubs
A Spanish scanslation group that's got plenty of doujinshi up for downiload, including the Ramsus-kun Suikoden 2 doujinshi "Time Up!".
Sacred Tear Sacred Tear
Sacred Tear hosts tons of manga series--I wish I had time to read them all! *A* ---and they're also kindly hosting the Suikoden 5 Anthology and 4Koma manga, scanslated by yours truly. :D
They've also asked permission to host Ramsus-kun's manga scans, which I granted--the more the merrier, no? However I'm not certain exactly what of mine they're hosting. Something presumably. Give them a visit anyhow, and find our for yourself. :3
Quen Ouen
Ouen, courtesy of AlexCab, has translated the Harry Potter doujinshi "Space Walk" into Vietnamese, which is pretty damn awesome.
Doujin no Sekai Doujin no Sekai
Doujin no Sekai (Doujin World, or World of Doujin) is a fresh new French scanslations site. At the moment they've done an excellent job of translating both the Suikoden 5 doujinshi "Everybody is the Person Whom Somebody Loves" and the Bleach doujinshi "Orange" into French. <3 I look forward to their future releases--let's work together again! :D
Doujinshi World Doujinshi World
Doujinshi World is an Italian scanslating group that's requested to translate some of my doujinshi projects into Italian. Of course I'm gonna let 'em! Italian! How cool! I wonder if doujinshi artists would be glad to see their works translated into so many different languages...? I would, I think. Kind of ironic that this link is right below "Doujinshi no Sekai", lol.
Quen Yami no Fantasy
An awesome French scanslation website that's currently working on translating the Lord of the Rings doujinshi "Huntsman Chapter 3" and the Final Fantasy 9 doujinshi "Lamplight". Good luck! <3

This is entirely redundant with Ramsus-kun, but here's the livejournal for Ramsus-kun scanslations.

[Links to Artist's Websites]

(these are all mostly in Japanese, and I don't really have permission to link to them and I probably really shouldn't--although they're link-free right? So... maybe it's justifable--and they're probably gonna explode with lividness when they follow visitors back here to Ramsus-kun and find out I'm scanslating doujinshi.. uploading them for the world to see, but what the hell! I'm going to put them up anyway.)
Dennan Dennan
Dennan is the perfect website to start out with. Pierre draws fanart for Lord of the Rings, Breath of Fire 5, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, uh.. food, Final Fantasy 6, FF7, FF12 and The Shadow of the Colossus, plus some other series. His style can only be described as unique, and sometimes downwright awful, but I really like it. It's something you have to see for yourself, though. I'm pretty sure Pierre has published doujinshi, but I've never been lucky enough to stumble across any. :__:
Dragon Heaven Dragon's Heaven
Dragon's Heaven is the home of the doujinshi circles Punkish Dragoneer and Vamp Kiss who mainly do Eyeshield 21 doujinshi. There's another series they've got a few doujinshi for, but I don't recognize it. Some shonen-ai content, mostly Hiruma x Musashi, but it's basically implied stuff. Nothing beyond a kiss or two, I don't think. Style is similar to the original Eyeshield manga. So, lovely. :3
Dusk Dusk
Dusk has fanart for Pop'n Music, Alice in Distortion World, some Tales of games, Magna Carta and quite a few other series, as well as some original art. This artist's style is very bright and cheerful. There are some scantily clad women hanging around, but nothing alarming. At least, as long as scantily-clad women don't alarm you.
Eins(1)" Eins(1)
Eins(1) has plenty of Suikoden and 12 Kingdoms fanart, and yet another series I don't recognize, but seems to be full of people wearing old fashioned clothes, so I'm happy. This artist is really big on the knights from Suikoden 2, Camus and Miklotov and s/hes published at least one doujinshi featuring them. The art, when you can find it on this site, is clean and often has bishonens in uniform. My cup of tea. <3. Notably, this artist draws a lot of fanart of Gizel Godwin from Suikoden 5, who I was never overly fond of, but she does make him look good.
エクステ エクステ Ekusute
エクステ Ekusute has a fair amount of Dragon Ball fanart up. A simple and cute artstyle, there's enough Chichi and Goku fanart to go around, as well as drawings of their kids. Pleasent to look at, not much else to say.
Amande Amande
Amande has plenty of Final Fantasy 7 fanart, mostly featuring the girls of the game. There’s also a few fanart scattered about for FF10, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, Katamari Damacy and what I think is some original art. The artist’s style is pleasently simple, and even though backgrounds are hardly ever drawn, the warm colors used to draw the characters and their expressions make up for it fabulously.
Ad Lib Ad Lib
Ad Lib is the manga artist Asuka Katsura’s website. She’s illustrated the manga for Le Portrait de Petite Cossette and Blood+, neither of which I believe are original works, and her original manga, Bolt and Lantern. I’m a fan of her art, though sadly there isn’t much to see at this website. It’s a rather poor website, both in design and content, but I'm quite fond of this manga-ka, so I thought I’d link to her anyway. XD Asuka Katsura seems to have a thing for drawing maids, and you might see a couple of big-boobed ones from time to time, but there’s no offensive content, far as I know.
Leave Me Alone Leave Me Alone
Leave Me Alone has fanart for a wide range of series—-almost more series than there is art! To name some, Sailor Moon, Nadia, FMA, Ghost in the Shell, Death Note, Is, Evangelion, Trigun, Cyborg 009, Gundam Seed, and even one for Blame!, which is exceedingly rare. This artist is apparently a Ghibli fan, with art for Kiki’s Delivery Service, Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away. There’s a bit of original art, as well as a BBS. There are some drawings of girls in skimpy bathing suit outfits, so be warned! XD I admire the amount of detail this artist puts into his art (I’m guessing it’s a guy) and I think it’s definitely worth a look.
Level 1 Level 1
Level 1 has a slightly more sketchy style, in comparison to “Leave Me Alone”, though they both have great website names. Level 1 is another one of those websites filled with strange styles of art that I find so infatuating. I only just noticed that there’s a whole other site connected to Level 1, called “Beast Knight” that has FF11 screeshots and a fanart or two. I think that everything on the site, excluding Beast Knight, is original art.
Flying Note Flying Note
Flying Note has fanart for Final Fantasy 10, 10-2, 7, and Xenogears, which happens to be one of my favorite RPGs! This artist is definitely a Bart x Margie fan, and there are some gag 4-panel comics playing off that. Although a lot of the 4-koma are heavily dependant on text, you don’t need to understand Japanese to get some of the jokes.. or enjoy the art. The artist’s coloring method is straight forward and complete looking, and the sketches are sketches, but they’re clean enough to understand. Haha! Ah, the Sigurd's shirt jokes kill me... and I see this artist has added some Xenosaga fanart, among other things. Eheh, doing all this makes me want to browse all these sites again! :p
Blackalpha Blackalpha
Blackalpha has fanart for several series, a few of which I don't recognize. But here's the ones I do; XXX Holic, Gundam, Kaleido Star, Chrono Trigger, Maria-sama ga Miteru, Howl's Moving Castle, Rozen Maiden, and Eureka 7. This website is packed with drawings of girls--there're about 5 guys in the whole thing. As you might expect from a series like Maria-sama ga Miteru, Blackalpha has something of a shojo-ai/yuri theme. There's nothing explicit, just some girls hugging and blushing... and some pantie shots, and some girls in the nude (or pretty close to it) but I thought I'd better say something. It looks like this artist has published a couple of doujinshi, but I don't know his name. He's got a very recognizable style, in any case, and besides the normal drawings there's a full page of animated .gifs that are nicely detailed.
Airwalk Airwalk
Airwalk has a considerably shorter list of series than Blackalpha... Blood, Breath of Fire 5, Brave Story, Suikoden and a couple of lengthy original manga are the staple series of Airwalk. The artist's name is apparently キリエ--'Kirie', but it may be spelled differently, as I haven't actually seen how the artist prefers to spell it in English. The drawings are colored in a light, almost like pastel, style and is generally pleasant, but can get boring or overly elongated on occasion. I'm quite fond of the pictures of Lin from Breath of Fire 5. One thing that I really liked about Airwalk was the Suikoden doujinshi that were posted on the webpage. One in particular was focused on McDohl & Nanami, with a connection that had never occurred to me. I'm pretty sure (physical copies of) doujinshi by this artist would be worth their money. XD The BOF5 doujinshi were nice too, but some of the Suikoden doujinshi were nice and dramatic.<3 Definitely a style fit for comics. (I've yet to read the original comics, but I expect they're as well drawn as the doujinshi.)
Open Air Lounge Open Air Lounge
Heh, another long list of series... Open Air Lounge has fanart for Chrono Cross, Master and Commander(!), Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, Final Fantasy 5-10, Cowboy Bebop, Lord of the Rings, Breath of Fire 5 and Fullmetal Alchemist. *phew* Splendid art style and a great choice of series to draw art for, although the older art (2003 and down) has a tendency to make the men a little chubby in the faces, and the noses (especially for Chrono Cross fanart) rather over done. Has a fabulous knack for imitating the Chrono Cross style, wish there was more art for it. Mostly drawings of guys, but there are some girls thrown in the mix, and none too badly drawn, if I do say so myself, huhuhu.. Open Air Lounge also has quite a selection of links, many of them Master and Commander sites that I've never seen before. Hmm, well, that was hardly a review, but if you want to see what the art style's like don't listen to my repetitive explanations, go take a look for yourself!
Ao Ao
This site has fanart for Mother, Tales of the Abyss & Tales of Symphonia, Ruroni Kenshin, Fullmetal Alchemist, D.Gray-Man, Death Note, Hikaru no Go, and Gyakutan Saiban (Phoenix Wright). There's some implied shonen-ai content, esp. in the Hikaru no Go section, mainly between Hikaru and Akira, I think. Sometimes the art gets messy or the shape of character's faces get strangely deformed, but I think the really good pieces of art are worth looking for. I don't like Ruroni Kenshin, but several pieces of fanart for RK were drawn in such a stunning(?) manner that I ended up saving them, regardless of whether I liked the character or not. Unfortunately, almost the exact opposite applies for the Hikaru no Go art--I like HNG, but some of the fanart is pretty strange, and not in a good way. The Mother fanart is pretty fine, though I haven't played 3 or , so I can't say much concerning those characters.
Vif Vif
Vif is the homepage of the doujinshi circle of the same name. The creator of Final Fantasy 7 doujinshi like "Colors", "Scribble", "Lotus" and "Delamax", this is the site for any Sephiroth fan. A lot of the drawings on this website are simply Sephiroth looking in different directions—not a lot of variety, but you can still see the artist’s skill. There’s a bit of shonen-ai content, but there’s really not very many pictures on the website. The color art is the best. After seeing this, I’ll definitely pick up "Colors", if I can find it at a reasonable price. XD
Crash-Down Crash-Down
This website is called Crash-Down. It's got an unusual wavering paint style, if that makes any sense. Laughing The most memorable thing about Crash Down is probably it's Pop'n Music fanart, but it's also got art for Breath of Fire 5, Digimon, Persona 3, Tales of Phantasia, Suikoden 3, Shadow Hearts, Shadow of the Colossus, Escaflowne, Venus and Braves, Sengoku Basara, Death Note, Okami, .Hack, Noein, Shin Megumi Tensai and some original art. I liked it, but it's not altogether outstanding or anything.
Dassen Dassen
Dassen is a small site with a lot of Pokemon fanart and an emphasis on Team Rocket. I think the art style is cute and unique, though I can see how it might not work for some people. Smile There's some Scryed fanart here too, but mostly it's just Pokemon.
Nobicco Nobicco
Nobicco is the home of the doujinshi circle Nobicco. There’s a ton of Noein fanart, with some Code Geass, Gurren Langan and original pieces of art floating around, too. The art strikes me as being rather sub-par, with some good or just plain cute drawings in between the not so great. I, however, just finished watching Noein, and am definitely in the mood for fanart. XD There are some more, well, “adult-oriented” pages of sketches, but there’s a warning for them, so you’ll know before you stumble upon anything you might not want to see. This artist prefers normal pairings and a lot of the Noein fanart is Karasu x Haruka themed. It's worth a look for Noein fans.
野鳥研究部 野鳥研究部
野鳥研究部 which might romanize as "Yachou Kenkuufumon", is another Noein site! And the fanart there is as weird and alien as the banner looks. I think it rather fits the oddness of Noein, though, and the color art in particular is pretty nice. Mostly fanart of Atori and Tobi (some shonen-ai themed), though there's a few of Miho, Ai and the other charcters. Looks like the site might be down at the moment... a pity.
Stella Stella
Nothing to shout about, Stella is primarily a site full of admirably simple and bright Final Fantasy 7 fanart, mostly of Aries & Cloud, much like "Amande". If you hunt around, you'll also find a fanart or two for Chrono Trigger, FF6 & FF12.