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Series: Eyeshield 21
Title: 真夏の奇跡 [Manatsu no Kiseki] Midsummer Miracle
Circle: Alpha Star and 12 other artists
Artist: 13 different circles
Type: Regular, gag, anthology
Pairing: various
Pages: 60
Date Published: 6/8/03

Status: In progress. Scanned and partially translated: will be released in six parts and then combined into one complete download.

Part 01/06: Mediafire (3.6MB)

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Series: Darren Shan / Cirque du Freak
Title: A Little...
Circle: 左に右折 Hidari ni Usetsu (Take a Right at the Left)
Artist: カゲロー Kagero
Type: normal, warning for some abuse scenes in Evra's flashbacks
Date Published: 8/14/2004
Pages: 46
Status: Complete!
Size: 16.98MB

Download: Mediafire
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Series: Kingdom Hearts 2
Title: Key Hole
Circle: Midnight Town 813
Artist: Endou Minta
Type: yaoi (Adult, NSFW)
Pairing: Axel x Roxas
Date Published: 5/?/06
Pages: 11
Status: Complete!
Scanned by: unknown
Size: 4.41 MB

Download: (old download links are dead, message me at [email protected] or via the guestbook if you want me to hunt down the files and re-upload them)

Summary: "Keyhole" is a short Axel x Roxas yaoi Kingdom Hearts doujinshi. Roxas is feeling loney, and so Axel comforts more ways than one.
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