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[Final Fantasy doujinshi]
cover backcover Series: Final Fantasy 7
Title: ノスタルジア [Nosutarujia] Nostalgia
Circle: 郵便馬車 Yubinbasya
Artist: Ryo Akizuki
Type: regular & shonen-ai (because only the last chapter is really shonen-ai.)
Pairing: Zack x Cloud
Pages: 69
Date Published: 12/28/03
Size: 26MB (full color scans!)
Status: COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!
Download: Mediafire

Summary: Cloud returns to the now-abandoned barracks he and Zack shared when they were both in SOLDIER. Cloud falls asleep on one of the beds, and begins to dream--and remember the nostalgic moments of his past. "Nostalgia", is actually divided up into several short chapters. The first one is Nostalgia -in the daydream generation-, then comes [inside C] which focuses on Cloud's feelings about being in SOLDIER, and Zack. Third is [side S], a chapter that deals with the Zack's feelings of loyalty towards Sephiroth. After that is [side A], a chapter about Zack and Aeris meeting again after they haven't seen one another in a while. The last two chapters are [my last mail] and [never to meet again]. Nostalgia is a beautiful, full-color doujinshi by the popular circle Yubinbasya. One of the chapters is a Zack x Cloud shonen-ai (or maybe light yaoi?) story, but most of the doujinshi isn't geared towards any particular pairing, and with chapters devoted to Cloud, Sephiroth, Aeris and a lot of Zack, "Nostalgia" is a must-read for any Final Fantasy 7 fan.
cover backcover Series: Final Fantasy 7
Title: SOLDIER (Revised Edition)
Circle: Bun's & Nothing Co. LTD
Artist: Bunko (文子), Kiyomaru (清丸) and other guests
Type: gag, comedy, low-brow humor
Pairings: ???
Date Published: 4/2/1997
Status: complete
Size: 21.64MB
Download: Mediafire

Summary: If you like comedy, crude art, and cruder humor, this doujinshi should bring a smile to your face. And it was a blast to work on! Let me know if you enjoy it--and if you want to scan any more like it. :-D The art may turn you away at first, but really, it grows on you, and is quite charming. SOLDIER is worth a few laughs, and I'd say give it a go, and tell me if you like it as much as I do! :D
cover backcover Series: Final Fantasy 7
Title: Final Heaven
Circle: Sonic Factory
Artist: Gonsuke
Type: gag
Pairing: ???
Date Published: 8/14/98
Status: complete
Download: Mediafire

Summary: A very short and very silly gag doujinshi featuring a mystery pairing and an explosive conclusion!
cover backcover Series: Final Fantasy 8
Title: ダンスダンスダンス [Dansu Dansu Dansu] Dance Dance Dance
Circle: Private Brand
Artist: 18 different artists
Type: anthology, regular, gag. shonen-ai
Pairings: Rinoa x Squall, Squall x Zell, Kiros x Laguna, Irvine x Selphie and various others
Date Published: 7/4/99
Status: Done, done, done! I feel like dancing~! XD
Size: 32.98MB ('cause it's such a loong doujinshi)
Download: Mediafire

Summary: Dance Dance Dance is an extremely long Final Fantasy 8 anthology doujinshi. More than 18 different artists drew their own chapters, so there's something in this doujinshi for nearly any FF8 fan! The art varies from cute to terrible to detailed, and there are more shonen-ai based stories than you could shake a stick at (mostly Squall x Zell and Kiros x Laguna), but there are quite a few normal pairing stories (Rinoa x Squall, Irvine x Selphie and even one Quistis x Squall). Nearly all the stories are gag, but there are a few halfway serious ones thrown in there, too.
cover backcover Series: Final Fantasy 8
Title: Vanish Emerald
Circle: United Babys
Artist: Meiko Wakatsuki
Type: shonen-ai
Pairing: Squall x Zell, Seifer x Squall
Pages: 22
Date Published: 5/3/99
Size: 6.79 MB
Download: Megaupload, Rapidshare
(*Please message me if you'd like this doujinshi uploaded via Mediafire)
Status: Completed!

Summary: Vanish Emerald is mainly a Squall x Zell shonen-ai doujinshi, buts it also got a bit of Seifer x Squall thrown in there. A short and satisfying doujinshi, with plenty of laughs. In fact, there's hardly anything to summarize.
cover backcover Series: Final Fantasy 9
Title: Lamplight
Circle: Danchi Petto Kinsirei
Artist: Sakana Nekono
Type: gag
Pairing: none
Date Published: 8/13/04
Pages: 34
Status: doone~! <3
Download: Mediafire

Summary: A doujinshi about when Freya and Zidane first meet. Also includes a short chapter about Blank and Zidane.
cover backcover Series: Final Fantasy 9
Title: Never Failing
Circle: 猫野さかな Sakana Nekono
Artist: 団地ペット禁止令 [Danchi Pet Kinshirei ]  Pets Prohibited Apartment
Type: regular, serious
Pairing: none
Date Published: 12/28/03
Pages: 34

Status: complete! (afterword not translated)
Size: 8.81MB
Download: Mediafire

Summary: Welcome to the Kuja pity party! Why not enjoy a dead pepper or two while you're here?
cover backcover Series: Final Fantasy 12
Title: 夜の翼 [Yoru no Tsubasa] Wings of the Night
Circle: Cinnamon
Artist: Macho
Type: yaoi
Pairing: Basch x Balthier
Pages: 40
Date Published: 8/07
Thanks to Rosencock for scanning it!
Status: complete! <3
Download: Mediafire

Summary: "Yoru no Tsubasa" explores Basch and Balthier's complex feelings towards one another and looks a little bit at their pasts and relations.
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